Pelican i1015 Waterproof iPhone Case

I like to take my iPhone with me when out kayaking, sailing, or running around the harbor in our Boston Whaler. A cell phone doesn't take the place of a VHF radio for marine emergencies, and I always bring my handheld VHF radio, too. But the iPhone can be super-handy to avoid Sea Tow fees by calling a friend with a boat if we happen to get stranded, or to call and let someone we'll be later than expected getting in, or to check the weather on radar.… Read more »

Marine Emergency & Safety Whistles

When we go out in one of our small boats, my husband's "small boat toolkit" includes a tiny little plastic whistle that counts as the Coast Guard-required "noise making device." So we typically don't bring an air horn or any other type of horn or whistle. But the toolkit is always stuck away in the bow locker or under the console or somewhere that it's not very accessible, so I started thinking that we really should get in the habit of bringing an air horn to keep handy.… Read more »

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

Enter the prong collar. These collars are actually safer and more humane than the older choke chains that used to be used for training. The collar spreads out the pressure across a greater surface area, and is designed so that it absolutely cannot choke the dog in the way the old choker collars could. Yet they are extremely effective. Some people call the prong collar "power steering for dogs."

High Sierra Impact Backpack

My husband and I recently went to the Peace River Arts Festival. It's held in Laishley Park downtown, where dogs are welcome, so we brought both of our dogs. I realized I really needed a small daypack-style backpack that I can use instead of a purse to haul along all the things that women always need to haul.

I wanted something smallish and lightweight; I wasn't looking for something to go hiking with in the mountains, just something to substitute for my purse when a purse isn't convenient.… Read more » -