Le Creuset Pinch Bowls

Le Creuset Pinch Bowls help you achieve mise en place

Le Creuset Pinch Bowls help you achieve mise en place

You can squeeze them to pour out the ingredients

You can squeeze them to pour out the ingredients

Do you ever watch those cooking shows on TV? They have everything all pre-measured, pre-sliced, pre-diced, ready to go. So that when they tell their television viewing audience, "Now we'll add a quarter teaspoon of salt, a half-teaspoon of thyme, a 1/4 cup of diced onion," and so forth.... All they have to do is toss those things into the bowl.… Read more »

Pampered Chef Egg Separator

This egg separator from Pampered Chef makes short work of separating a quantity of eggs.

This egg separator from Pampered Chef makes short work of separating a quantity of eggs.

When you have a lot of eggs that you need to separate, there's nothing quite like a simple egg separator.

Every year during the holidays, I make George Washington's Eggnog. It calls for separating a dozen eggs. I used to use the pour-the-egg-from-shell-half-to-the-other-shell-half to separate them, but that was always a little bit of a PITA.… Read more »

Magnetic Pushpins

For about 10 bucks I got 24 neodymium magnetic pushpins from Amazon.

These handy little magnets aren't as strong as the neodymium magnetic hooks I got, and I wouldn't expect them to be. But for what they are, they're great! I use them mostly to stick stuff on my refrigerator: dental appointment reminder notices, comics, kids' artwork, shopping lists, menus from my favorite restaurants.

They're very small in diameter, so they don't cover up and hide whatever they're holding up.… Read more »

Cuisinart Slow Cooker

The Cuisinart slow cooker makes it easy to prepare your meals early and let them cook all day.

The Cuisinart slow cooker makes it easy to prepare your meals early and let them cook all day.

I've had my Cuisinart slow cooker for a little over a year now, and I have to say it's super convenient. Mostly, it's just a matter of throwing all the ingredients into the pot early in the day, turning it on on the low setting, and letting it simmer slowly all day. At dinnertime, just serve and eat.… Read more »

Vinyl-Coated Clips

Who would think that plastic-coated wire clips would be so convenient?

I wasn't even looking for vinyl-coated clips. Heck, I didn't even know they existed. I stumbled across them quite by accident when I was looking for something else. But for just a few bucks, I decided to get some.

For just a few bucks, I bought a supply of these vinyl-coated wire clips. They're called "Everything Clips," and indeed I use them for everything — from hanging notepads on my refrigerator to resealing chip bags & cereal bags & any other type of bag that needs to be re-sealed, clipping papers together, hanging skirts & tank tops on hangers, as clothespins.… Read more »

Manual Can Opener

We used to have one of those electric can openers when I was a kid. Back then, the manual can openers didn't have ball bearings and were hard (and painful) to use. But since they started making manual can openers with ball bearings and bigger turning handles for better leverage and grip, I've only ever used the manual ones. I don't need an electric one, and I don't want one more thing cluttering up my counter.… Read more »

Rachael Ray Stoneware

I gave the Rachael Ray Lasagne Lover pan and Bubble and Brown casserole to my daughter as a gift. As it turns out, I really should have given them to her husband, who does more of the cooking.

Nevertheless, these two stoneware pieces are seeing a lot of use at their house and at other social gatherings.

The bright red color is fun and festive.

The handles on both pans are large enough to allow you to get a good strong hold on them, even while wearing oven mitts or using pot holders.… Read more »

Wusthof Sandwich Spreader

I love my Wusthof knives. And I make a lot of sandwiches. So I decided to spring for the Wusthof Gourmet 5" Spreader.

It's a tad pricy at $20, but I knew I'd be getting Wusthof's famous quality. Being made by Wusthof, I knew it would last a lifetime, and really, what's $20 for something that I'll use for the rest of my life? And I really did need something better than my garden-variety kitchen knives to spread my mayo, jam, cream cheese, etc.… Read more »

2-Quart Saucier by Calphalon

My husband and I both love sauces and gravies of all types. From your average garden-variety beef or chicken gravy to cream gravies, hollandaise sauce and bearnaise sauce... Well, you just can't go wrong with a good sauce. And I wanted a good saucier. Sauciers are great for sauces and gravies because the entire inside is rounded, so there are no edges or corners that your whisk can't reach.

I had a 1-quart Emeril brand saucier, which is a perfectly good little saucier, but the keyword there is little.… Read more »

Towel Jam Kitchen Towel Holder

The Towel Jam by Chef'n is a super-handy little kitchen towel holder. It has soft rubber gripper "teeth" that grab and hold the towel.

Hanging a towel — or dish cloth, wash cloth, or any other smallish towel or cloth — on it is as easy as shoving a corner, edge, or any bit of the towel into the grippers.

To use, just grab the towel and pull.

The Towel Jam is available in 2 sizes: A single-towel holder and a double-towel holder.… Read more » -