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iRobot Roomba 770

I got my Roomba 770 back in December, so I've been using it regularly for several months now.

What can I say..... I love my Roomba! It's amusing, really.... I never thought I'd say I "love" a cleaning appliance. But I do — I love my Roomba. If you go to Amazon and read the user reviews on Roombas, there are probably more people saying that they "love" their Roomba than I've ever seen for any other product.… Read more »

Magnetic Pushpins

For about 10 bucks I got 24 neodymium magnetic pushpins from Amazon.

These handy little magnets aren't as strong as the neodymium magnetic hooks I got, and I wouldn't expect them to be. But for what they are, they're great! I use them mostly to stick stuff on my refrigerator: dental appointment reminder notices, comics, kids' artwork, shopping lists, menus from my favorite restaurants.

They're very small in diameter, so they don't cover up and hide whatever they're holding up.… Read more »

Vinyl-Coated Clips

Who would think that plastic-coated wire clips would be so convenient?

I wasn't even looking for vinyl-coated clips. Heck, I didn't even know they existed. I stumbled across them quite by accident when I was looking for something else. But for just a few bucks, I decided to get some.

For just a few bucks, I bought a supply of these vinyl-coated wire clips. They're called "Everything Clips," and indeed I use them for everything — from hanging notepads on my refrigerator to resealing chip bags & cereal bags & any other type of bag that needs to be re-sealed, clipping papers together, hanging skirts & tank tops on hangers, as clothespins.… Read more »

Emergency Flashlight

I liked the Energizer Weather Ready emergency flashlight so much that I bought a second one for myself, plus two for my mother.

I liked the Energizer Weather Ready emergency flashlight so much that I bought a second one for myself, plus two for my mother.

In contrast to the push-on LED lights that I found to be pretty worthless, this little Energizer Weather Ready emergency flashlight is worthwhile. I liked it so much I bought a second one, plus two for my mother.

It's designed specifically to kick in when the power goes out.… Read more »

LED Push-On Lights

These LED push-on lights are weak.

These LED push-on lights are weak.

Dark cabinets without any lighting. Storms that knock the power out. I thought it would be useful to get some of those inexpensive LED push-on lights that I could stick in various places around the house. I bought a 3-pack of the ACDelco LED push-on lights.

Don't bother. These things give off such weak illumination that I really have trouble discerning any difference between when the light is on versus when it's off.… Read more »

Cable Labels

Besides the nightmarish tangle of cords behind my computer, I've got a bunch of cables and cords for various electronic devices. There's the USB cable for my camera. USB cables for my Kindle & my Kindle Fire. USB cable for my iPhone, plus car charger for my iPhone. USB cable & car charger for my husband's iPhone. The A/C charger plus a car charger for my handheld VHF radio. USB cable for my husband's camera.… Read more »

iRobot Roombas!

I recently acquired the Roomba 770 robot vacuum cleaner. The 700 series Roombas (760, 770 and 780) are the latest and greatest models from iRobot.

All 3 of the 700 series models include HEPA filters, automatic scheduling, a remote control, and the new AeroVac 2 bin, which is larger and easier to empty and clean than the bins on the older models. And all 3 are designed to be great at picking up pet hairs.… Read more »

Neodymium Magnetic Hooks

I had never even heard of neodymium magnets until I went looking for some strong refrigerator-hook type magnets. I'm always wanting to hang things on the side of my refrigerator: potholders and mitts, a notepad for shopping lists, scissors, and the like. I needed some hooks on my refrigerator, and so I went shopping online for some string magnetic hooks. All the ones I found were "neodymium magnets."

It turns out that General Motors and a Japanese company discovered the compound in these magnetics in 1982.… Read more »

I Can See My Clock At Night!

My old alarm clock fell off the nightstand and bounced off the windowsill a few too many times. The outer case had cracked open, and the buttons to set the time and alarm were sticking and inoperable.

My favorite thing about my old alarm clock was that it had really big numbers. I have terrible eyesight, and without my glasses or contacts, I simply cannot read any normal clock. So a large display was my main requirement for a new alarm clock.… Read more » -