Apple Airport Extreme

The Airport Extreme from Apple: It just works.

The Airport Extreme from Apple: It just works.

Our old Apple Airport had died, and we needed to replace it. I (briefly) considered going with one of the non-Apple brands of wireless router, but networking is one of the more complicated aspects of computers, and our Apple Airport had always worked seamlessly both for us on our Macs and our guests who needed to access the Internet while visiting. So I decided to stick with Apple.… Read more »

Neoprene Camera Case

I bought this neoprene camera case for my daughter, to go with the Lumix waterproof camera I gave her.

It's the perfect size for her Lumix waterproof camera, with a zippered side pocket for an extra battery or spare memory chip.

The zipper keeps it securely closed and keeps out water, sand, dirt, etc. Now, it's not waterproof. If you dunk it, whatever's inside is going to get wet. But it is water resistant, and spray and splash bounce right off.… Read more »

APC Battery Backup & Surge Protector

We have frequent electrical storms here in sunny South Florida, and they often create power outages. Many times, the power outage is brief, but even the briefest power outage can cause the loss of valuable data if you have unsaved work open on your computer.

I've had my APC UPC (uninterruptible power supply) for a couple of years now. It's about the third or fourth one I've bought for myself over the years, and I just recently bought another one for my husband.… Read more »

Dymo LabelWriter

Back in the day (when I had a manual typewriter), I always kept a few sheets of address labels handy. When I needed a mailing label for an envelope or package, I would just roll the sheet into the typewriter, type the address, and slap the label onto the package.

But nowadays, who has a manual typewriter? Sheets of labels (with some of the labels used and missing) don't go through inkjet or laser printers very well.… Read more »

Cable Labels

Besides the nightmarish tangle of cords behind my computer, I've got a bunch of cables and cords for various electronic devices. There's the USB cable for my camera. USB cables for my Kindle & my Kindle Fire. USB cable for my iPhone, plus car charger for my iPhone. USB cable & car charger for my husband's iPhone. The A/C charger plus a car charger for my handheld VHF radio. USB cable for my husband's camera.… Read more »

Kindle Keyboard vs. Kindle Fire

I've had my Kindle (Kindle Keyboard model) for about a year and a half. I've had my other Kindle (Kindle Fire) for a few months. That's long enough that I pretty much know the ins-and-outs of each device and can make a decent comparison based on usage.

First, the basics. Just in case, you know, you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years.

The Kindle Keyboard is controlled by a keyboard that 26+ little alphabetic keys, plus some control keys, that you press to type in a book name, search terms, or select something, or whatever else you might need to do.… Read more »

NexStar 2.5″ External Hard Drive Enclosure

This is my excerpt

Pelican i1015 Waterproof iPhone Case

I like to take my iPhone with me when out kayaking, sailing, or running around the harbor in our Boston Whaler. A cell phone doesn't take the place of a VHF radio for marine emergencies, and I always bring my handheld VHF radio, too. But the iPhone can be super-handy to avoid Sea Tow fees by calling a friend with a boat if we happen to get stranded, or to call and let someone we'll be later than expected getting in, or to check the weather on radar.… Read more »

I Can See My Clock At Night!

My old alarm clock fell off the nightstand and bounced off the windowsill a few too many times. The outer case had cracked open, and the buttons to set the time and alarm were sticking and inoperable.

My favorite thing about my old alarm clock was that it had really big numbers. I have terrible eyesight, and without my glasses or contacts, I simply cannot read any normal clock. So a large display was my main requirement for a new alarm clock.… Read more »

22-Inch Acer Widescreen LCD Monitor

My 22

My 22" flat-panel monitor from Acer gives me lots of screen real estate at a surprisingly affordable price.

I've been using dual monitors for many years -- since around 1990 or so. My need for screen real estate has continually increased, to the point that I recently went to a dual 22" system. I have two 22" Acer widescreen monitors on my desktop right now, and I frequently find myself wishing for even more.… Read more » -