Magnetic Pushpins

For about 10 bucks I got 24 neodymium magnetic pushpins from Amazon.

These handy little magnets aren't as strong as the neodymium magnetic hooks I got, and I wouldn't expect them to be. But for what they are, they're great! I use them mostly to stick stuff on my refrigerator: dental appointment reminder notices, comics, kids' artwork, shopping lists, menus from my favorite restaurants.

They're very small in diameter, so they don't cover up and hide whatever they're holding up.… Read more »

Neodymium Magnetic Hooks

I had never even heard of neodymium magnets until I went looking for some strong refrigerator-hook type magnets. I'm always wanting to hang things on the side of my refrigerator: potholders and mitts, a notepad for shopping lists, scissors, and the like. I needed some hooks on my refrigerator, and so I went shopping online for some string magnetic hooks. All the ones I found were "neodymium magnets."

It turns out that General Motors and a Japanese company discovered the compound in these magnetics in 1982.… Read more » -