Neoprene Camera Case

I bought this neoprene camera case for my daughter, to go with the Lumix waterproof camera I gave her.

It's the perfect size for her Lumix waterproof camera, with a zippered side pocket for an extra battery or spare memory chip.

The zipper keeps it securely closed and keeps out water, sand, dirt, etc. Now, it's not waterproof. If you dunk it, whatever's inside is going to get wet. But it is water resistant, and spray and splash bounce right off.… Read more »

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS15 Digital Camera

When the zoom feature on my old digital camera started malfunctioning, I decided to buy myself a new one. On my previous camera, I had an optical zoom up to 7x, but because the lens needs to be bigger for that amount of zoom, the camera was on the large and bulky side.

I found that I often didn't have the camera with me when I needed it, because it was so large and heavy to tote around.… Read more » -