iRobot Roomba 770

I got my Roomba 770 back in December, so I've been using it regularly for several months now.

What can I say..... I love my Roomba! It's amusing, really.... I never thought I'd say I "love" a cleaning appliance. But I do — I love my Roomba. If you go to Amazon and read the user reviews on Roombas, there are probably more people saying that they "love" their Roomba than I've ever seen for any other product.… Read more »

iRobot Roombas!

I recently acquired the Roomba 770 robot vacuum cleaner. The 700 series Roombas (760, 770 and 780) are the latest and greatest models from iRobot.

All 3 of the 700 series models include HEPA filters, automatic scheduling, a remote control, and the new AeroVac 2 bin, which is larger and easier to empty and clean than the bins on the older models. And all 3 are designed to be great at picking up pet hairs.… Read more » -